Pittsburgh’s own LEFTFIELD have proven that it is possible to make Hip Hop music that is sometimes aggressive, sometimes whimsical, yet still accessible to the general public. Initially, Reason and DOC LVLY were just two friends that connected through a love for Hip Hop. Reason, a self-proclaimed Emcee/Educator/Editor, had been performing at open mics and freestyling in cyphers for about four years, when his friend (and next-door neighbor) DOC LVLY asked him if he would like to form a group. DOC LVLY, a multifaceted artist, also does graphic design work for the group and other entities. He currently uses the Ableton Push to play his beats live.

LEFTFIELD has performed at art and music festivals such as RANT, All-Scene at Mr. Smalls, and the first Layer Cake Festival at James Street Gastropub. They are currently working on their first project, and will be releasing their first music video, Support Real Pizza, on May 11th, 2016.

Reason and DOC LVLY both have a passion for putting on engaging live performances, and they have been known to surprise audiences with unconventional gifts during their shows. After releasing their first group album, they both plan on releasing solo projects, but for now, LEFTFIELD will continue to create a musical experience that is consistently unpredictable.